Aug 19, 2016

Is Your Color Coding Method Working for You?

In the last post about color coding, we saw many ways to color code and also discussed different ideas to implement them. In this post, we will organize a bit more. So if you have not yet read - the perfect color coding system for your planner, then read it. (Before this post or after reading this post, your choice!)

These beautiful colors create a mess if overdone and can sometimes get overwhelming. So, how to feel less overwhelmed? Exactly this is what we will see today. Plus, there are bonus tips to customize your color coding style in planner or bullet journal!



One thing that you have to decide is - where you will incorporate color coding? There are several areas where you can use a color coding system. Here is couple of them:
  • Planner/ Bullet journal
  • Trackers
  • Calendar (digital, paper, whiteboard)
  • Organizing Apps on phone (like Trello)
  • Email labels
Earlier we discussed color coding in planners. But color coding is also useful in organizing your email labels, apps, and calendars.

If you decide to use color coding in more than one place, then try to synchronize the color scheme, if possible. When you have same categories in different places, having the same color for the category make your job easier. You have one less thing to remember. Say, you have work related tasks in three different places; in your planner (daily to-dos), calendar (reminders), and email. And you color code work = blue in your planner. Then, keep the same blue color for work related tasks in your calendar and email. So, whenever you see a task in blue anywhere in the planner, calendar or email you know it is work related. You don't need to read the task to find its category.

It is completely ok if you decide to color code only your planner or calendar. You don't need to do what others are doing. Understand what you need, choose your own color coding system and love it.

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Being said that, starting with minimal approach will keep you in control. Starting with a dozen of colors for a dozen of things will only leave you feeling overwhelmed soon. So, be easy on yourself and start as minimalist. You can start with color coding five different areas of your life (eg. self, family, work, home, and others) in your planner first. Then when you feel comfortable with the system, you may start using the same color coding in your calendar or organizing apps. Also, you can add more categories as you need.

So how many days will it need to be comfortable with the system? Give yourself at least 10 days to feel used to. If it works, then keep expanding as per needs (not compulsory tough). If it did not work, scrap it and take a different color coding system.


Yes, allow yourself to change a color coding system if it does not fit your needs. If something is not working, then better to respectfully remove it, and try a different approach! After one-two trials, you will find your color coding system.

Feel free to create your own style. Keep the part that works and remove that doesn't. No one is going to ask an explanation for it!

Terra Brown from Earn Spend Live shares more insights on planner color coding. Take time and read it at least once.


1. Use Legend

Create a legend for your color coding system. Legend is a color chart where your will write, which color is assigned to which category / priority / time. Add it to your planner or message board till you remember the combination. I use the flip out page in my bullet journal.


2. Coloring The Tasks

Commonly, while color coding we write the task with assigned color pen. But you can do it differently. Here are the two ways I like to use.

Write the task in black color pen and then color a circle/ checkbox in front of each task (to represent its category, priority, time).
Or you can create a group of related tasks and then write them under the corresponding colored box. Ignore those red dots drawn after few tasks, in the below pic. I will talk about them in upcoming series.


Similarly, you can outline the task or group of related tasks in the assigned colors. The outline is more appealing in monthly or week-at-a-glance layouts.

So are you ready to get organized a bit more?! Yes! Great gal! If you have any questions regarding color coding, freely ask them in the comments section.

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Aug 16, 2016

The Perfect Color Coding System for your Planner

Color coding in planner has no rules! Really, there is no right or wrong way to do it. But yes there are ways you can start with. So, here are 3*2 ideas for color coding your planner, plus 3 ways to do it. Take them and find what works best for you!

Once you choose your preferred color coding system, you can further customize it as per your style. More on it in next post. Before we go into details, here's a tip to keep you sane in the process.

Color coding will only make finding tasks easier. You have to do the tasks after finding one!


Aug 12, 2016

Get All Your Ribbons Organized

So, you have unorganized or poorly organized ribbons somewhere in your creative corner? You must have found several organizing ideas around the internet. But do they really serve YOUR purpose of ribbon organization?

When I decided to make one, I wanted four things from the organizer. It should be,

  1. Holder-cum-dispenser
  2. Easy to take out and easy to put in the ribbons
  3. Have enough space to rotate each ribbon for winding
  4. Movable


Aug 9, 2016

My New Setup for Bullet Journal

I have been using bullet journal for seven months now. And every day, I am learning new things. I have tried many ideas found on the internet. Sometimes they worked very well but sometimes they were a mess. So while trying and testing these ideas, I came up with new ideas myself.

In previous posts, I have shared my weekly spread evolution, on how I started with a very basic weekly layout and kept on evolving it. Today, I am sharing how I mix and match different ideas to plan my days, weeks, and months in my bullet journal. Also how I try new things without getting overwhelmed.


Aug 4, 2016

Yarn Art - An Empty Bottle Recycle Project

I can spend hours browsing one recycling DIY topic - the wine bottle decor. There are so many ideas in this topic that range from very easy to very hard. In all these diverse ways of decorating a wine bottle, I have found a common pattern. The majority of these ideas revolve around tying something around the empty bottle. Now this can be yarn, strings, pattern papers, decorative tapes, laces, etc. You will also see the combination of, patterned papers with strings, yarn with lace, and much more. Even I had made that DIY!

This time, I thought of using yarn with the usual wrapping method, but with a twist. The outcome is very artistic and not so hard to make. Everything you see is done using yarn. Yes, the design also! Trust me, this is very easy. It is just a step forward of wrapping the yarn around the empty bottle.


Jul 25, 2016

I Don't Want To Bullet Journal. Why?

Bullet Journal has been getting popular day by day. It has got lots of appreciation for being a flexible and cost effective planner. If you are a bullet journalist I am sure you are agreeing with me. But lately bullet journal has been attracting some wrong impressions.

The wrong impressions that it has pre-determined "right way" to start!


This is what Maria and Maya thinks. Maria and Maya represent those people who are stuck in some myths regarding bullet journal. They want to start or continue planning with their bullet journal but sadly they have fallen for some traps they see everywhere.

Let us see why Maria and Maya want to discontinue their bullet journal.


Jul 20, 2016

How To DIY Ombre Bulletin Board

While setting up my creative corner I was sure (and excited) to have a bulletin board in front of my table. I never had it till now. So like a child in candy store I want to make all those lovely DIY bulletin boards from Pinterest.

Controlling all the feelings of excitement I decided to test how much I need a bulletin board first. The testing started using a simple piece of cork board as bulletin board and this longed for a month. This short test helped me to realize what actually I like (and need) to see in front of me while working and writing. And then emerged an idea of simple(st) and minimalist bulletin board!


Jun 19, 2016

10 Kid's Animal Art &Craft Ideas!

While browsing internet for some craft inspirations I often stumbled upon kid's crafts. There are so many fantastic creative moms out there in blogging world. And having a creative blogger mom means lots of different activities for kids every time!

So today I thought to compile some easy, fun and cost efficient kid's art and craft ideas for your kiddos. Shortlisting 10 from so many cute crafts was tough and so I decided to create themes. And today's theme is Animals - wild, farm, water and many!


May 24, 2016

BULLET JOURNAL : Monthly Layout Ideas (Part 2)

Planning a month in advance might feel less flexible for many. But it isn't. Before I started planning myself I also thought the same way. But now when I have started planning my days, week and month well ahead of time I feel less stressed and get a sense of accomplishment to have done things that really matters!

A monthly plan is always a rough plan on what can be done during the month. So surely planning or just jotting down things-to-do this month on a single page can make a lot of difference. Here is the second part of Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Ideas to help you make your own personalized monthly calendar!


May 20, 2016


May 2016 marks completion of one year for My Indian Version. It was 20th May 2015 when My Indian Version's first post went live. And all the research, planning and work already started in first week of May. It all seems like yesterday!


My Indian Version (MIV) is my creative energy ventilation. This has now become my best friend. A friend who happily shares my passion for arts, crafts, organization and planning with whole world. (You can frequently find me talking to my blog as if it a person sharing all my creative stuff!)

May 13, 2016

DIY Quick and Easy MOUSE PAD

It is sometimes fun to make little things at home rather than buying them from store. Not only we can personalize it but also create a stunning piece from materials right at home.

As I'm setting up my creative corner, I'm going to need some beautiful decor piece and organizational stuff. And I see myself making most of them at home. One of it is DIY mouse pad!

One of the overlooked things on the working table is a mouse pad. Yes! It is ignored so terribly that the idea of making few cute, colorful mouse pads does not even cross our mind! But let me tell you this little mouse pad can actually spice up your table just like other cute decor items!

So just treat your mouse pad as one of the decor item and start making it beautiful!


May 10, 2016

BULLET JOURNAL – Monthly Layout Ideas (Part 1)

In my four months of bullet journaling I have planned my days using weekly spreads alone. At start of each week and month I would refer to weekly and monthly task checklist and copy them to the current week. But lately I needed a method that will help me put together all monthly tasks, reminders and expenses. So I visited back to the bullet journal site and I found my answer in Monthly log. 

Ryder Carroll, the man behind this flexible planning system, perfectly describes the month calendar as birds-eye view of the month. The two-page spread with the Calendar on left page and the Tasks on the right gives a complete overview on the month. But often while creating custom monthly log many users try to fit in more details in an overview plan!

But what if the traditional monthly log doesn't suit's your current lifestyle?


Apr 23, 2016

BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly & Monthly Task Tracker

There is always a simple solution for every difficult question! Don't you agree?

This is also true of coming up with customized bullet journal layouts. While using a Bullet Journal, one of the problems I came up with was to manage recurring tasks. Whether they occur weekly or monthly, I tend to miss them sometimes. So here is my solution for writing, remembering, and tracking repeated tasks of every week and month.


Apr 17, 2016

IndiBlogger Meet and My Dream Come True Moment!

Do you remember your memorable Sunday? Well, I had experienced one of the most memorable Sunday till now on 10th April 2016.

It was all during Quaker Bowl IndiBlogger Meet at Mumbai. IndiBlogger is one of the biggest Indian blogger communities where you can interact with all kinds of bloggers on a single platform.

This was my 1st IndiBlogger Meet where I met bloggers from different spheres for very 1st time! I left home feeling excited, nervous, happy, curious and so many emotions at the same time. Little knowing that one of my dreams to meet my inspirational person was going to come true.

Mar 25, 2016

BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly Spread Ideas (Part 3)

While drafting first part of BuJo Weekly Spread Ideas I thought of writing only two parts of Weekly Spread Ideas. But as the weeks are flowing my weekly layouts kept on evolving and now I have yet another set of ideas for bullet journal weekly spread!

Now you know why I'm writing this part 3 of the Weekly Spread Ideas series. Being more specific, I will keep writing this series till I find my perfect fit. So this series will be a huge feast for you BuJo lovers ;)